Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Roofing Staples and New Trailers

Gee whiz, I seem to be a forgetful person. I wrote this and then promptly forgot it. It should have been published after the Spruce Goose.

So, several weeks ago, I rode my motorcycle to work, and then went out and about for lunch.

I was rewarded with a roofing staple in my rear tire.


A roofing staple.

My tire was as flat as Brittany Spears' career.

I made an appointment to get it fixed and was delighted to discover that the shop could fit me in the following Saturday. Yay! I just had to wait a week.

Now all I had to do was spend that week looking for a trailer for my motorcycle.

I stopped into South Pacific Auto because I saw a lot of trailers.

The guy I spoke to showed me this trailer and said that he had people looking at it all week, and just that day he had a guy and his wife looking at it.


Why don't I just let this 'guy and his wife' have first dibbs. He wanted nine hundred bucks and I wasn't that interested in buying a trailer that was really too big from someone that really seemed to be untrustworthy.

In the end, I ended up in Halsey paying nine hundred bucks for a bit smaller of a trailer (but I know that it's not too big and I think the other one was too big), and I liked the guy a lot more.

It's a tilt trailer, and if I get a spare tire to put on the front, the center of gravity will be changed enough to make it stay flat when I ride my motorcycle up and flatten out the trailer.

Best of all, it's red. Red to match my pickup.



Monday, September 15, 2008

Cupcakes don't transport well on a motorcycle

If you want to know, cupcakes don't transport well on a motorcycle.

I know from personal experience.

The first time, I fastened them to the pillion and away I went. When I got to work, they were all jumbled up and the frosting was all over the little "cupcake holes".

The next time, I decided to ride very carefully.

The cupcakes were still face up this time, but the frosting had vibrated to the side of almost all of the cupcakes, so that most of the frosting was on the plastic carrier and not a whole lot on the cupcake.

I mention that because I wanted to bring something sweet to work last week and I really wanted it to be cupcakes.

But given my past history with cupcakes, I decided on donut holes.

I have finally gotten my Rebel in from the 16,000 mile service.

I have not been riding much because I have this fear that I will be dripping parts behind me when I ride a long distance.

I don't know why I keep thinking that, it's totally irrational.

So I got my Rebel back from the 16,000 mile service, that I got at uhhh, 18,000 miles. I need to lube the chain more. Some day the chain will fall off at the wrong time because I did not lube it like I was supposed to.

I seized the opportunity to rediscover the joys of taking the long way home.

I then discovered the joys of a long trip by going to a family reunion.

I needed to bring something to eat, and I really wanted to bring cupcakes.

Yeah, we all know how that will end up.

At the end of a short 3 mile trip to work, they are, a bit ruffled.

At the end of a 45 minute trip to they could very well be quite a bit unhappy.

So I settled on chips.

I also got my GPS out for the trip.

I also connected up my new phone to the GPS (bluetooth). It's kind of cool. Hook up the earphone and mouthpiece, and you can make a phone call without taking out the cellphone.

Not that I would.

I really don't like talking on the phone to begin with, and I sure am not going to do it on a motorcycle.

But the setup will also tell me who is calling.

That's nice. Now I can tell if I have to stop or not.

I just have to hook up the GPS to the battery. Should be easy, I just don't want a stray wire hanging out in space.

So, anyways, I wandered on down to Eugene to a family reunion.

GPS got me there, and it's a good thing it did, because my mom was going to give me directions, and she got lost with her sister.

I also beat her there by about an hour.

I must have arrived when everyone else did, because I followed two cars in to the parking lot, but didn't recognize anyone. I called my mom and while on the phone, someone arrived that I actually recognized.

Does everyone have that problem with family reunions?

When I parked, I noticed that they didn't size the parking lot right and there was a space of about three feet on the edge.

Just the right size for a motorcycle.


They have motorcycle parking:

See, just enough space for a motorcycle.