Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Parking Rants

So I was reading a post an another blog that I follow.

You can read it here if you want.

She was talking about motorcyclists tendency to shoehorn themselves into any space, regardless of the fact that the motorcycle next to them cannot now get out or is too close for comfort.

I started to reply, but when my reply was actually three times as long as her post, I decided to post my edition of the "me too brigade" here:

Park away from my motorcycle.

Just because my motorcycle takes up less space than whatever it is that motivates you forward, does not mean that you can take up your space and part of mine. Can you hear me those of you in the extra-large pickups that take up the ENTIRE parking space?

Yes, I know that you are worried that people who own $40,000 vehicles still fling their doors open without regard to the vehicle next to them, and you want more of a cushion, but they make a space just for that problem.

It's called the back of the parking lot.

Use it.

Yes, I am perfectly happy sharing a full sized space with another motorcyclist, but be aware, that if I get to the space first, I park in the center of the space, just toward the back, so that cars can SEE ME (sorry, but it's all about me sweet pea). If you want to fit in toward the front of the space, be my guest. You can try off to the side, but remember, we both/all need room.

This brings me to my next point.

Just because you can fit into a space, doesn't mean that you should fit into a space.

This is not a contest to see how many people can fit into a phone booth, or motorcycles into a space. Please bear in mind that when I prep to get on my motorcycle, I will often do a complete circuit around it for various reasons. Give me some space.

Also bear in mind that I am a short fat woman.

Not only do I use more soap in the shower, but I need more space around my motorcycle, and I am not willing to traverse an obstacle course just to do a circuit around my motorcycle.

Which brings me to my last point.

I know that my Rebel really is the cheapest motorcycle that Honda makes, and you are thinking that it's no big deal if you tip it over or knock the mirror out of adjustment, but if you want to know, I am actually quite attached to my motorcycle. It’s a hoot to ride. If it gets tipped over, it's going to peeve me off.

If you knock the mirrors out of alignment, not only will I be peeved off, I will wonder if someone tipped over my motorcycle and put it back upright and walked away.

Yes, I know that I look my motorcycle over every morning when I go somewhere on it, but if it has been knocked over by a car, then it needs a more detailed look-over.

Damage is often more than cosmetic. The brake line could have worked loose from the housing on the handlebars or the shifter pedal could have cracked. Ever take a step expecting a step to be there, but it wasn't?

Try it on a motorcycle at 65 miles per hour.

And don’t give me that line of crap about how I chose such a dangerous hobby.

Okay, we seemed to have wandered offtopic, so moving along.

What if you could have any vehicle you wanted parked in your driveway, money no object?

What is your dream vehicle?

Yeah, I already bought mine. I rode it to work today.

And it would really annoy me if it had any dents, dings or scratches.