Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Motorcycle Parking

The college that I work at has two distinct areas for motorcycles to park in. They are free to park in spaces (which annoys a lot a car drivers, I found out), but they also have two specific areas to park in.
I normally park in the northern motorcycle parking because there is a fence around it, blocking cars, and because it's farther inside the college, and it's closer.

The southern motorcycle parking is really just a bunch of parking spaces that have been redesignated for motorcycles.

The last time we had it painted, the guy must have used water colors because the paint really didn't last long, and complaints started coming in about cars once again parking in motorcycle parking.

A few weeks ago, while on my way to work, I made my daily stop for coffee at Safeway. Along the way, I noticed that the call center had made a slight change to two spaces.

They had placed two concrete parking bumpers at the end of the spaces, preventing cars from using the spaces. Upon closer inspection, I found that the two spaces had yellow concrete parking bumpers on the perimeter, making a parking area just for motorcycles.


After that I was telling folks at work about it, and since it was found that the parking bumpers were affordable, the college will be putting in the bumpers in the southern motorcycle area.


I think that both motorcyclists and motorists will be better off if there is a more visible designator for the area.

A sign and bad parking lot painting just wasn't cutting it.




I didn't have a picture of the motorcycle parking at the call center and each post needs a picture so I included a picture that I took last week.

We had several middle school choirs on campus for a competition, making for quite a lot of little faces on a campus that normally had ages 18+.

I snapped this picture of pizza boxes that one school had stacked neatly by the trash.

That is a lot of pizza boxes.