Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Winters Last Gasp

So I have been riding a bit sparsely lately. Just to work and back really.

I have been tired lately, and although the sun has been out, or at least it has not been raining, I have not really been riding. It turns out that when the sun goes down, it takes what little warmth there is with it.

I did ride to work this morning, as usual.

The weather man on tv, said something about snow levels, and showed his little computer models of little green blobs, (surprisingly his maps of jet streams and cold fronts was missing). He failed to state anything more interesting than "rain at times" for the valley, so I tuned him out.

I think that I should have paid attention to his little green blobs. I seem to recall him saying something about it being cold today, and darn if it wasn't nippy out today.

I must be mentally ready for the warm weather, because I do have a warm face whoozit that keeps my cheeks and chin warm, but it never occurred to me to use it. I have been considering taking the liner out of my jacket lately, but compromised (if you compromise with yourself do you win or lose?) and simply unzipped the air vents in the arms of my jacket.

It was a good thing that I did leave my liner in because it was was indeed cold out this morning.

But I said that already.

So last week, I did actually go for a rather short ride around the outskirts of town. I took some farming roads to see where they went and discovered that they went to hwy 34. Here is a map of my trip.

Just after turning off on Goltra Road, and passing some train tracks, I saw three turkeys in someone's field. I honked my anemic little horn, and they didn't even turn and look.

Great. I don't even get respect from wild turkeys. I hope you end up as the guest of honor at Thanksgiving.

I like those spiderweb of farm roads that we have in the valley. It makes for interesting riding in the warmer months. It's great for new riders because traffic is often light on those roads and their many twists and turns, as they wind around the properties makes for good practice.

So last week it was finals week at the Community College where I work.

When I returned to my motorcycle to go home, I discovered that all the motorcycles were parked on the "cool" side of the corral. (It's going to be a while before that gets old).

There were only three of them, and as I looked it occurred to me that (follow my reasoning, here):

1. My side of the corral is the "cool" side of the corral.
2. Therefore, since the presence of my motorcycle makes it the cool side of the corral, the other motorcycles must be groupies!

Okay, stop rolling your eyeballs. I was fighting a cold that day that was actually brought on by my stubbornly riding in cold and wet weather (I got soooo wet on the way home last Wednesday).

Here is the picture of my groupies:

So, if there was one Harley (yeah, I know that the one is a Yamaha, work with me here) on each side, then they would be body guards. ;)



Friday, March 14, 2008

It's Going to be a While Before This Gets Old

So it's getting to be the end of the term.

There are three Honda Rebels that park in the motorcycle parking where I work and occasionally I meet one. A few weeks ago I posted a picture of when all three were at the same place at the same time.

Last week, I again went to my motorcycle and found that all three were again there and, in the same place:

They are even in the same order!

It's going to be a while before this gets old.

Actually, this is probably the last time that all three will be together at the same time, given that the term is ending and next term the schedules will not be the same.

So, it's been warmer and I have been wanting to wander further than the usual trip home, and twice I have started out somewhere only to have the sun set.

I keep forgetting that at this time of the year, when the sun sets, it takes the warmth with it, and my gloves are really not that warm.

I don't think much will happen this Saturday either because I think that it's supposed to rain.

I know that I have really been riding all winter, but I do have my limits.

We will have to see what happens.