Friday, December 7, 2007

Cruddy Weather and Getting Out of the Driveway

So I haven't been able to ride my motorcycle for a few days. Partly by choice, and partly due to several different events converging.

Bad weather made me park the motorcycle for a day or two. Then the yard was re-arranged to accommodate the dog.

That is just what I want to do, make sure that my dog has more space by taking up my driveway.

Now all I have to get out of the driveway with my motorcycle is a small gate and a question if the Rebel will even fit through.

Mom says that it's winter and I don't need to be riding anyway.

Fortunately, I have an inch on each side of the handlebars, so I am good to go.

So this is the motorcycle parking this morning at work (that's me on the right):

One other brave soul riding to work.

Well, to be honest, it is Friday on a finals week at a Community College so there is about as much action as a church on Friday evening, and there has been some pretty bad weather in the Pacific Northwest lately, so folks are reluctant to ride.

The bad weather was mostly around the northern Oregon coast and parts of Washington. Parts of the coast actually had 129 mile an hour winds.

That's hurricane force winds, folks.

So now they are all "digging out" from all that water, and places are still flooded. The valley, where I live did not escape the rain, so we have a lot of water running around, but it is right where it belongs and not running over.

So I rode.

Well, it's all relative I suppose. People will assume different amounts of risk depending on their skills and experience.