Monday, August 10, 2009

Tag, Your'e Not It

So I went to the Pow-Wow in Siletz this weekend.

I was going to park in the Bullpen and ride the short bus (giggle, giggle) to the grounds because it was easier, but I decided instead to park in the grass behind the camping area. This meant that it was a short walk to my motorcycle, and I was not dependent on buses of any kind.

I have found that generally, parking attendants are not prepared for motorcycles. He pointed me to a general area, and since it was fine by me, I complied, but he changed his mind and had me park a different direction slightly over more out of the way.

It turns out that the change was good because when I returned to my motorcycle, my single space had become "motorcycle parking".

After getting home, I was more tired than usual. I had been buffeted more than usual by the coastal winds and it tired me out.

Subject change.

I have been playing "Photo Tag" with some other motorcyclists in the area.

The point is simple. Someone takes a picture of their motorcycle somewhere and posts it.

The first one to post a picture of their motorcycle in the same spot is "it".

That person now has 24 hours to post a new photo of their motorcycle somewhere else and it begins again.

The latest picture as of this morning showed Timberlinn Park. I took a picture of the computer screen and after work rode off to tag it.

It was a good thing that I took a picture of the screen because the angle is different.

After getting home, I was surprised to discover that someone had beat me to it by an hour.

Oh well.

Better luck next time.



Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Naked Helmets

So, I had prepped a post about the photo-tag that I tagged, but I didn't post it, and right now my helmet is much more interesting.

Yesterday, as I was taking off my helmet in the parking lot at work, several vehicles sped rapidly out of the parking lot. As I put my helmet down to get my camera out, the tail fell off of my helmet.

Usually, when the ears and/or tail fall off the helmet, they fall off suction cup and all, and oddly enough they fall off when I put the helmet down, or some other stationary and opportune moment. You would think that they would fall off at 55 mph, but it's usually somewhere I can simply pick them up again and stick them back on.

This time, however, the tail had come apart from the suction cup. I think that this tail broke because I noticed that it had a tendency to swoop in a circle (the different tails that I have had seem to swoop and flutter differently), and I think that it twisted enough to break the thread holding the tail to the suction cup.

This is what a helmet looks like with no tail:

And this is what a helmet looks like with nothing at all (WARNING!! NAKED HELMET BELOW!)

On a different note, I had the opportunity to take a picture of my motorcycle from a different angle. Mine would be the good looking one. ;)