Sunday, November 21, 2010

Easy Solutions

I took some time off of trying to fix my motorcycle, opting instead to look at it through the window. It's broken and damaged state driving home my inadequacies as a mechanic. Despite my gloom, I was rewarded by a thought that turned out to be the solution.

I had known that after adjusting the chain the brakes need to be adjusted. The two systems are interconnected in a way that I am simply not aware of unless I do a complete teardown of a motorcycle (which actually sounds like a good idea).

So I went outside and adjusted my rear brake and rewarded with a working motorcycle!

Yay me!

The chain still needs to be adjusted, but it is a working motorcycle, and the chain is not as loose as it once was.

So I have once again been riding everywhere on it, but with the weather getting colder, I have to be careful.

I had already added the inner liner to my jacket a few weeks ago, and just last week dug out the really good gloves for the really cold weather.

Despite my precautions, I was surprised to discover that I was freezing on the way home from Media Team practice one evening last week.

Several days later I was surprised to find that the vent liners in my arms were open.


That would explain why I was sooo cold.

I have a tendency to unzip the vents in my arms when I first put in the liner in my jacket. This is because the warmth of the liner is not needed all the time, but when it is needed, I can't stop and put in the liner. So the vents in the arms unzipped and the cold and warmth balance out, except that I had forgotten they were unzipped.

Ok.  Got to work that.

Still looking for the camera cable, so no pictures yet.