Friday, June 27, 2008

Dialated Pupils

So I listened to my messages on Monday evening and was surprised to discover that the eye doctor called to remind me about my eye appointment the next day.

This was interesting, because I had to take my cat in to the vet for his "special" surgery (that would be to get him neutered) on that same day.

As much as I would like to put his travel carrier on the back of my motorcycle and have him ride pillion, I decided that:

A: it would be unsafe, even if I was able to fasten the carrier completely.

B: it would be a spectacle that would surely end up on youTube. Short fat woman with ears and tail on helmet and cat carrier complete with shrieking cat. Yeah, that's ending up on youTube.

So I drove to work, stopping to drop off my cat at the vets. After lunch, I drove home, picked up my motorcycle and rode to Salem to the eye appointment. Then I rode home, picked up my pickup and drove to the vet and picked up my cat.

That's a lot switching. If gas wasn't so expensive, I would be inclined to just drive, but really the Rebel is the smarter (and funner) choice.

At the doctors, they dilated my pupils.

Personally, I think that the eye doctor gets a bonus for every time they dilate someone eyes.

It turns out that if they leave you in the waiting room long enough, then the really bright light they shine in your eyes is just as bright, but isn't in your eyes as much.

Usually, it's difficult to get my eyes to cooperate, but they were behind this time and I waited in the waiting room for longer than usual, so my eyes had more time to adjust. (If inquiring minds want to know, my eyes are getting better, he says that the swelling is going down. Which is nice because I was unaware that I had swelling.)

So the light outside was a brighter than I would have liked, but I wandered down the street a bit to Taco Bell. My pupils recovered while eating my taco salad.

After Taco Bell, I wandered across the street to Fred Meyer and purchased some sunglasses. They helped a lot better with the pupils. Next time I wander up, I will be sure to bring them along.

After riding a few days with the sunglasses, I find that I like them and will continue with them. Best of all, they were only $15 on sale (cue ZZ Top, Cheap Sunglasses).

I should take a picture of myself with the sunglasses on.

Oh, I should also mention that they did a test for what I think was glaucoma. That would be the test where they shoot a bit of air into your eyeball and your other eyeball says ain't happin'en and you have to hold it open with both hands.

Only my eye doctor has the latest and greatest of equipment.

This one is over before you even really know you started. It tests pressure a different way and mine is like 16 and 17 or it may be 17 and 18.

So, if you still get the 'poof test'. Tell your eye doctor that there is a newer and more reliable test out there.

So enough about eye doctors and more about motorcycles.

I haven't been riding mine.

I spent the longest day of the year in my house cleaning.

The freeway trip on the way home from the eye doctor was also uninteresting. Which is good.

Two people that I know are seeking their motorcycle endorsement. There is someone that I met a few times at work, who I found out was getting her endorsement. I met her as she was going into the classroom portion of the class. She was really excited. But then she always seems to be excited so it's hard to be sure.

Then there is the lady at Safeway. She has just gotten hers and is looking forward to riding in the quiet residential area that she lives in.

I hope them both the best.

So, here it is many days later and the picture that I took of my glasses really didn't turnout, and I am tired of looking at this post in my drafts folder, so here it is pictureless.



Friday, June 13, 2008

Finals Week 2008

I like finals week.

It's a nice blend of slow and busy with a dash of stress thrown in for good measure. My favorite finals week is Spring term.

Summer is nice and lazy, and the frantic chaos that is Fall term is invigorating, but Spring term brings it's own set of issues that fascinate me.

Like lost cars. People only seem to lose their cars in the parking lot in Spring term. Not that one has been lost this week (we had that a few weeks ago).

So I started this on Wednesday and here it is Friday and I only have 3 paragraphs. It's not like I have been inundated with work to do. It must be a spring thing.

On Monday, I parked in the 'corral' and took a picture of all the bikes that were parked when I got there.

Several motorcycles in a designated motorcycle parking area.
If you look, you can see that there are quite a few bikes there at 8am. Usually, there are only 1 or 2. Finals week means that schedules are a bit different, so I was fortunate to get my usual parking space (that would be me with the Safeway bag hanging off the handlebars).

You can barely see my helmet hidden behind the railing. You can also see that most of the motorcycles are on the 'cool' side of the corral. :)

On Wednesday, I parked in front of the college in a regular parking space. Since the parking lot is almost empty, I feel that my motorcycle is safe from whatever.

A Honda Rebel sits in a parking space next to a van
Today, Friday, my motorcycle is parked there again, but the college is uncharacteristically busy. Folks are taking tests for classes on a non-traditional schedule, and the dental clinic above us is open.

I keep telling my boss that I am going to park inside the building this summer. I tell him that I am entitled, and if I pay a rental fee, then the normal parking rules should not apply. Funny thing is, my Rebel is small enough that it could actually fit through the doors without taking out the middle bar (I could even press the handicapped button), and it could sit quietly in the hall next to my office without any fuss.

Too bad I can't. It would be nice to look up and see my motorcycle.



Wednesday, June 4, 2008

After 20 Years

A post at piqued my interest. Click here for post if you are interested.

Someone read a mid year speech by the Honda CEO and posted the interesting parts.

Here they are:
"Honda plans to install PGM-FI [Honda's motorcycle fuel injection technology] on most of its motorcycles worldwide by the end of 2010. "

"Honda plans to install ABS in all 250cc or larger class models worldwide, except off-road models, by the end of 2010."

"In advanced nations, Honda will introduce its innovative environmental and safety technologies including a Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) system for motorcycles which significantly improves fuel efficiency"

Essentially, it means that the Rebel will be getting a facelift.

The Rebel was introduced in 1985 by Honda. Except for a few cosmetic changes, it is the same motorcycle 20 years later.

How is that for staying power?

And now it's going to change. The new Rebels will be getting fuel injection, Anti lock brakes, and a few other extras (someone in the thread mentioned liquid cooling and improved charging components will be needed to support the new additions).

As I ponder the additions, I think that a lot is being added to a rather small motorcycle.

Now, if Honda still had the 450 Rebel hanging around, they could simply kabosh the 250 and put the extras on the 450, since it seems to be more able to handle them.

Of course, I am not a mechanic. Perhaps the Rebel can handle it.

Whatever the result, change is in the wind for Hondas, and a small part of me is jealous.



Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sunday Update

Really quick update to the post this morning (that would be the previous post).

I adjusted the freeplay and discovered that it is absurdly easy.

The Harley wasn't there, but I there was a dude with a Harley shirt.