Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oh Its Easy!

I am sitting here in church listening to the rain on the church wall. I drove today because I didn't want the hassle of getting wet while at church. The nice thing about riding a motorcycle to church is that everyone remembers you, especially when it rains. Today, everyone wants to make sure that I didn't ride my motorcycle in the rain this morning.

I have only been commuting to work this past summer due to stress at work and these past few weeks have only been riding to church (except for today) because LBCC and I have parted ways.

Let me say that I am very glad to have parted ways and the upper administration at LBCC are a bunch of useless self-entitled boobs.

I am thinking however, that I may take a class or two at LBCC regarding small engines.

Yes, Auntie Balisada wants to know more about her motorcycle.

Let me tell you about how I screwed up chapter one.

I needed to adjust my chain and had read Chapter One in the maintenance manual.

You know "Chapter One"? The chapter that has all the frequent and periodic maintenance tasks that should be performed on a motorcycle?

You know the chapter that everyone should be able to perform?

Yeah, I screwed that one up.

I needed to adjust my chain and somehow, even though I followed the directions, the rear tire was to tight to move and the chain still to loose.

Yeah, there is a reason that Auntie Balisada takes her motorcycle to the dealership to work on, and this would be it.

I would pose the quandary to a motorcycle group online that I have been following almost since I got my motorcycle in 2005, but they are in the process of imploding.

The group leader is retiring and has required that the replacement continue to put on meets yearly. The problem with that is that the people who meet are on the east coast and the one or two replacements are kind of out West and Tennessee is too far for them to ride for a meet. It is my hope that the leader will stop being a jerk and realize that the purpose of the group is a "meetings of the minds" kind of thing, and not just real life meetups. The purpose statement of the group does not say anything about real life meetups.

So now it is Monday morning and I have spent off and on all Sunday looking for the cord for my camera so I could upload some pictures and I can't find it. Aren't I having a great week?