Sunday, October 26, 2008

Long Distance Motorcycling

Someone pointed out to me another blog. In it, a fellow Rebel owner is taking a long distance trip on his Rebel. Read about it here.

5,836 miles in 21 days to be exact.

This last Friday, I had dinner at Evergreen Aviation Museum with some members of Easy Company. Talk with my neighbor turned to my motorcycle. She was advocating an upgrade to a larger motorcycle.

It's amazing how folks don't realize what a durable little bike the Rebel is.

It is often said of the Rebel, that you will give out before the Rebel will.

The dude who went from Las Vegas, Nevada to North Carolina found out that the Rebel is indeed a tough little bike.

I seem to recall reading about someone's trip to Alaska, on the Rebel.

I don't really go long distances, but it's nice to know that if I wanted to, my Rebel could make the trip.



Monday, October 6, 2008

Fall Term - Week 1

So it's Friday on the first week of fall term.

Fall Term is the busiest term of all. Enrollment is always highest in the fall, and staff is getting back from the summer break.

And they all need something.

So the week has been really busy.

Summer term enrollment is lowest because the college offers only a few classes that term, and with most staff gone, the parking lots are practically empty.

Which makes for good parking, so I usually park in with the cars because it's closer to my office.

But last week, I decided to park with the motorcycles in the corral, back of the college (remember, that I park on the "cool side of the corral".

On Monday, first day of classes, there were two others parked when I got in. I decided that it was worth it to take a picture:

The other two, by the way, belong to staff members.

Just after I snapped that, three other motorcycles rolled in, so I had to take another:

On the way home, I saw a single light behind me. I was in the left lane and the moped passed me on the right.

Like me, the rider was wearing a yellow and grey jacket and when he passed me, I turned and waved.

He seized the moment to yank at his shoulder. The "Revit" logo on his shoulder. Just like mine.

Dude is wearing a $450 jacket on a scooter.

Hardcore, man.