Monday, June 15, 2009

Ride to Work Day 2009

I found out that Ride to Work day has moved.

The point is still to ride to work on your motorcycle, but it has moved from July to June. The website states some good reasons for moving the day, like cooler temps and better news coverage (something about Sunday being a slow news day).

Ride to Work day is really why I got my motorcycle to begin with.

I was working temporarily at a larger company and had wandered down on my lunch break to the parking lot where the company had asked all who ride motorcycles to park in a specific area so that all the employees could see just how many motorcycles were ridden to work each day.

It was there that I discovered that there were in fact, motorcycle's that were short enough for short people like me.

After that, I got my own motorcycle and have never gotten off of it since.



Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Getting Out

I'm wet.

Earlier today, an email arrived stating that a thread that I was following at Pacific Northwest Riders ( had been updated.

A quick look told me that tonight was Corvallis Bike Night.

It was something that I had always seen in the forums, and almost went a couple of times, but never could really make it.

I tend to play a lot of computer games. Lately it's been a lot of World of Warcraft and Sims3, but I wanted to have a conversation with someone who was:

A: Not related to me.

B: Over the age of 16.

I stopped by home and picked up my netbook (in case no one showed up I could go to church in Brownsville) and wandered over to the gathering.

I am really uncomfortable around people I don't know, so I am delighted to say that I had a great time.

Just getting into Corvallis, a motorcyclist turned onto a street the same way that I was going and intuitively I knew that we were going to the same place.

It was actually a good thing I crossed his path because we didn't stop at the pizza parlor that I thought we were going to stop at.

On the way home, it rained.

Not just sprinkles, or showers.


I could feel the water rapidly seeping into my shoes even before I was out of Corvallis.

I don't think that my pants were able to absorb any more water.

And I loved every minute of it.