Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Justifying My Insanity

Several months ago (October I believe), I started this but as is often the case, I didn't publish it.

Irondad has written a thoughtful post about why we motorcyclists ride motorcycles, especially in dreary weather conditions.

What is it about riding?

I found that interesting, because I was wondering the same thing last week.

I can honestly say that I will miss my motorcycle more than ever on the days that I am forced to leave it behind due to weather.

Yes, I do ride quite a lot in the winter. Since it's just cold and wet but not icy, I feel justified in what others would consider to be an act of insanity.

But that got me to thinking, how do I justify my insanity?

My response?
Balisada said...

I don't justify my insanity.

I embrace it.

I proudly put tiger ears and a tail on my helmet and 24 packs of toilet paper on the Rebel, knowing full well that I will probably end up on YouTube as fodder for jokes.

I will ride in the pouring rain with just a RevIt Jacket, blue jeans, and tiger-eared-adorned-helmet, fully aware that my feet are swimming in their own pool of water and I literally leave a trail of water dripping off my soaked jeans when I walk inside. I know that drivers shake their heads when they see me riding in the rain and wonder what would compel someone to ride a motorcycle in such miserable weather.


Because no where does it say that life was intended to be taken seriously.

Because if someone were to offer to give me my dream vehicle, I would honestly get to say:

"Sorry, I already bought it. I rode it to work today."


So I am embracing my insanity.

Proudly, in fact.



Thursday, January 14, 2010

Early Classes

So I am going about my day today. It's winter, so I am riding when I can, but the weather makes it interesting.

Imagine my surprise when an email arrives in my inbox regarding the TEAM Oregon motorcycle classes and their schedule for the next couple of months.

LBCC hosts motorcycle classes for TEAM Oregon. It's a hoot. I love watching the classes on the weekend. They go in circles in the parking lot, and it always brings me back to my own training on this same training range actually.

Anyway, classes are starting up at the end of the month.


It seems like just last month the last class of the season was held.

Oh wait, it was just last month that the last class was held!

That makes for a long training year and is a lot of brand-spankin-new motorcyclists!