Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Although my Christmas list contained several items, I really only wanted two. I wanted one of the Sims3 expansion packs and a new set of ears. I bought a bunch of ears a while ago and stuck them all to the inside of my entertainment cabinet and I have gone through the entire set.

And Santa brought me both!

Christmas Eve found me on the way to my brother's house in the next town over. My extended family was meeting there, and the Rebel makes it easier on parking space.

I was rewarded on the way over with cold but decent weather and seeing three motorcyclists out for a ride.

There is a buzz going on one of the email lists that I subscribe to. The list is about Rebel Riders, and the buzz is about the demise of the Rebel.

Someone pointed out that the new Rebel is not on Honda's webpage and it was suggested that Honda is discontinuing the Rebel.

Well, the discussion is still ongoing, but the general consensus is that it is simply an off year and rumors of the Rebel's demise are greatly exaggerated.

One of the most vivid images from the discussion included a remark about part number gaps through the years and that sometimes motorcycles arrive at the dealer with "some assembly required."

Perhaps that is why my Rebel is so small. We forgot a piece somewhere!